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We at Al-Mal pride ourselves with a long and successful track record in developing and executing investment and financial transactions in Kuwait and the region. Our Al-Mal team has worked with a number of high profile companies whose transactions resulted in considerable increase in value for the shareholders. We are looking forward to putting our experience and resources to work for you.

Kuwait Saudi Holding Company KSCC

Date : 02 - March - 2016

Kuwait Saudi Holding Company KSCC

Kuwait Saudi Holding Company KSCC (“KSHC”) contracted Al Mal Investment Company KPSC (“Al Mal”) to assess the strategic and business issues faced by KSHC and propose a suitable restructuring plan, if required.

Al Mal after a careful and in depth analysis of issues faced by KSHC, submitted an assessment report along with a proposed restructuring plan. The management and shareholders of KSHC in order to enhance shareholders’ value as much as possible accepted the restructuring plan.

Al Mal in the second phase, successfully implemented the restructuring plan that not only realigned the objectives of the company but also resulted in substantial cost savings.

Upon successful implementation of the restructuring plan, the management of KSHC not only retained Al Mal to assist KSHC in matters related to various governmental departments (including Ministry of Commerce & Industry) but also outsourced the accounting function to Al Mal.


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