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Do you lack control over your investment when it comes to management?  Do you feel your influence in the company isn’t well represented?  Are you frustrated over the limited power you have in changing the policies of the invested company? Are you stuck in a poor investment and have a difficult time selling your shares?  Then let us help you out by giving your minority share in unlisted securities a voice through Takharoj, the region’s first web-based application that provides a new range of solutions, which will allow you to maximize your share value by grouping you with other minority share investors, enable you to be heard and empower you to get more value from your minority shares.

Takharoj gives a voice and a weight to your minority shares.Takharoj is a web based application that allows minority shareholders in unquoted companies to enter their investment details into a database managed by Al Mal. This in turn will allow Al-Mal to aggregate those minority shareholdings into a sizable shareholding block. Then, through understanding minority shareholders objectives Al-Mal will propose an action plan to best maximize the value of that shareholding block.

Let Takharoj Help You 

With Power in Numbers 

If you have been investing over the years, whether in Kuwait or all over the region, you most likely have accrued minority shares in a number of unlisted securities, resulting in a sizeable capital of minority shares that cannot be sold because you either lack the control, the necessary financial information or the interest over your investment. Indeed, such minority investments consume a lot of precious resources for you to follow up and report while most of them pay no dividends and have not been performing well.

That is where Takharoj Service comes in. You will be able to pool your minority shares into a larger sizable stake and thus enjoy all the benefits and privileges of a large investor. These services include:

  • Exiting the investment as a larger group, which reinforces  the liquidity and value of shares
  • Obtaining one or more board seats to assist set company policy
  • Having a say on the ongoing operations of the company
  • Being in more control of selecting solutions that may best fit the investment


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